Calexico Baja Runners

                California 501c (3 ) Non-Profit organization

The Calexico Baja Runners 4x4 Club is a CA. 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit organization that takes pride in serving its community and its youth. The club was formed  in the early 1980’s by ordinary men who shared a passion for the outdoors, cooking, and the Score International Off-Road Baja Races. In the mid 80’s members from the community  recognized the Baja Runners as an organization  that was willing  to help its community and its youth in any way they could. Since then, the Calexico Baja Runners  have been conducting various fund raising events in a variety of ways to continue to serve that purpose. In the spring of 2011, the Baja Runners filed and were granted a non-profit status by the State of California.  

The club is comprised of men with a diverse background. There are military  veterans, law enforcement  ( federal, state, and local),  retirees,  teachers, union reps, and business owners among its ranks. The club serves the community by promoting social empowerment, sponsoring youth sports, providing scholarships for higher education, and by providing donations of various kinds. The Calexico Baja Runners are known and recognized by their fundraising abilities.

Throughout  the years, the club has donated sports equipment to local schools, including a new Autism Pre-K class in Calexico and non-profit boxing gyms. In addition, it has conducted fund raisers with all proceeds going to families with children who have been given a life-changing medical diagnosis. Furthermore, the Baja Runners have awarded many scholarships to graduating high school seniors, undergraduates and graduate students.

The Calexico Baja Runners 4x4 Club originates from the City of Calexico and has now extended their services throughout the State of California by opening chapters within the county of San Diego, Los Angeles, and a chapter in Las Vegas, Nevada.